zines, etc.

an up-to-date listing of all my zines and published works. all zines are self-published unless otherwise stated!

kaleidoscope zine (2019)

22 pages of found poetry and collage created by me
using images and text found in national geographic

4” x 6.5”, black & white on white, yellow, or cream variant pages with color cover; completely self produced

we enter the circle after dark - a witchy accordion zine (2018)

an abstract zine about moths, the moon, and being a woman.
3.5" x 2.5", black & white on salmon paper, completely self-produced

limited run of 66

mix up zine (2017)

20 pages of doodles and fun art drawn by myself
featuring drawings by sam maurer, jacob streilein and ingo raschka.

5” x 7”, black, white & red ink on cream paper, completely self-produced

limited run of 100

oopsie daisy! - a mixtape zine (2017)

a short comic based on a mix i made! comes with a mix cd and a scannable qr code to the mix on spotify
4.75” x 4.75”, full color print, completely self-produced

more info about this zine here

a tiny story - mini comic (2017)

a teeny tiny comic i made about a girl’s encounter with a bee…
1.5” x 1.5”, full color print, completely self-produced

this shit is bananas - mini zine (2017)

a 12 page mini zine i made about my favorite fruit!
2” x 3”, red ink on yellow paper, completely self-produced

the holy trinity - a fanzine (2017)

a 20 page fanzine i collaborated on with michelle kwon about our three favorite queens in popular music
(all the proceeds from this zine were donated to black lives matter)

5” x 7”, black & white on neon yellow or salmon pink variants, completely self-produced
limited run of 50 (currently out of print)

slice - an artbook (2015)

a 34 page joint artbook/comic i collaborated on with jean liang. slice of life/hourly documentation of the lives of two characters: pizza and pie. each of their stories start on one side of the book and they eventually meet back in the middle! this was debuted at CTN 2015.
6” x 6”, full color illustrations, printed in china